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Blue Salamander is the personal website of Joel and Angela Cropley, and a place where they can share photos and information about their interests with family and friends. If you don't already know Joel or Angie and want to drop us a comment about something you saw on this website, feel free to send an email to Joel. Heck, write us even if you do know us. It's been way too long since you've called, maybe you'll keep more in touch if you start writing. Not that we're counting or anything, we're just saying.

So why ""? Why not? When he was trying to come up with a webpage a couple years ago, Joel thought it sounded kind of neat and relatively easy to remember. There's all sorts of potential for little mascot critters, even though there aren't actually any "blue salamanders". There are salamanders that are blue of course, but nothing that actually has that name. Yeah, the name's a little odd. So's Joel. And Angie too, but a bit less so. Usually.

Oh, and because someone already got ""

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