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Blue Salamander


Here are some links to some interesting sites that just didn't seem to fit into context elsewhere on our website!

Something Positive: A damn funny webcomic. Not for the easily offended.

Errant Story: Another great webcomic. Substantially less offensive.

Girl Genius: Phil & Kaja Foglio + steampunk + comic = rocks

Dawn & Drew: They have a popular podcast, didn't you know?

The Signal: A podcast dedicated to just about the most shiny sci-fi show/movie ever, Firefly & Serenity

Angie's Livejournal: Irregular. Updated irregularly, too.

Ubuntu: Joel's favorite Linux distro.

Snopes: The original urban legend-busting website.

Sketchup: A cool little (free) 3-D modelling program. Not real powerful, but excellent for what it is.

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