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Otel and Ruyiah are both members of the Clockmakers' Guild. They currently reside within the borders of the Canton of Sudetorre, Barony of Stierbach and Kingdom of Atlantia. Which is their local chapter of the SCA, in case you didn't know. In fact, Otel & Ruyiah are currently the Minister of Arts and Sciences and Chronicler (respectively) for their local canton.
Otel's Bio:
Otel is a 12th century Kipchak, a loose but powerful confederation of pastoral nomads roaming the western eurasian steppe. He is the next eldest brother to the head of the Altunat clan who has gained a reputation for breeding distinctive gold-colored horses.
Otel spends a good deal of his time exploring the countryside, scouting out land, trade and resources for his brother and the clan. On a recent trip, he even persuaded a Byzantine noble to part with one of his women, making her his wife.
Otel has interests in a wide range of crafts, including (but not limited to) metal & woodworking, pottery, horn & bone carving, felting and leatherwork. He also enjoys archery and games.
Otel's registered blazon is "Azure, a horse courant to sinister within a bordure Or" depicted as follows:

Ruyiah's Bio:
Ruyiah Ipsi Otel is a Persian noblewoman who now lives with her husband Otel in the western eurasian steppe. How she came to be there is a harrowing tale of adventure too lengthy for this short discussion of her background.
Ruyiah is interested in equine activities, costuming and archery. She is also a superb bellydancer.
Ruyiah's proposed blazon is "Argent, three mullets of eight points, one and two, sable over a horse passant sable" depicted as follows:

What's that squiggly thing on Otel's heraldry?

Otel & Ruyiah are currently working on several projects:

Check out some of the other things Otel & Ruyiah have already accomplished:

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